Dark Amsterdam

Always my restless impatience, still in search for something different. Seeing too much of my repeating past, my own work and that of others. My always intense commitment to what I do suddenly becomes repulsive. An expected but never planned, uncontrollable need to move away from the known path, an urge to do new, another route, another whatever. Again with full and utterly commitment, it keeps me alive, I wish to believe young at mind and heart. Always forward, at least I think, at least for now, as long as it takes. I wish I could do everything, I wish I could draw, but I can't, I want to paint, but not enough time to learn, too impatient, life is short and shortening, need to move on with haste. Got nothing to prove but still searching for recognition on my individuality, it's not about the other but reflection is essential, impossible alone, ongoing contradictions of humanity, I'm no different. Still, I can try, everybody else does.

Dark Amsterdam is simply my attempt to move on to another box. It's not about composing, my photography never is, J.S.Bach composed, creation from nothing, I just crop and frame, make something else of what already was. But I see and sense when chasing and registering the streets, its moments and emotions, that makes up for composing I guess? 
Dark Amsterdam is just mood, I hope, a bit creepy a bit tensive; is there a story or just luck. I hate the word "cinematic", but I love movies nevertheless. 
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